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Krystal Meyers
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Faith is irrepressible. Whether it’s whispered or shouted, it ignites a passion that must be shared, and that spark burns brightly throughout pop artist Krystal Meyers’ new release, Make Some Noise (9/9/08). It’s a potent set of songs that find the talented 20-year old exploring new musical territory while continuing to serve up the kind of insightful lyrics that made her first two albums so groundbreaking.

“This music is fun and energetic and is going to be fun on stage,” says Meyers, who is already performing some of her new songs in concert to enthusiastic response. “It’s a different kind of energy. Some of the songs like ‘S.O.S.’ and ‘My Freedom’ are more guitar-driven, but there are other songs like ‘Shine,’ the first radio single, that are totally 80’s-inspired, fun, dance, pop/rock music. It’s a diverse record that defines my different musical layers.”

Meyers first burst on the scene with her self-titled Essential Records debut in 2005, spawning her breakthrough hit “Anticonformity,” a song she wrote at camp before entering ninth grade. Her debut set spawned four top ten singles and also launched her career abroad. Her sophomore album, Dying For a Heart, solidified Meyers’ stature as one of the top artists in Christian music—earning her a second Dove nomination in the female vocalist of the year category--and boosting her audience overseas, earning her major pop star status in Japan. 

A beautiful young woman, always effortlessly fashionable, Meyers is almost an anomaly in today’s culture. In a world where young artists seem to continually wind up as troubled tabloid fodder, she’s a successful recording artist who is incredibly grounded and ever mindful of her platform as an influencer. She’s equally comfortable appearing on the cover of Nylon Magazine (Japan) or speaking to young girls on the Revolve tour, an outing she’s looking forward to this fall.

As an artist who has recorded three albums before her 20th birthday, it’s obvious Krystal Meyers has a lot to say, but Make Some Noise reveals a young woman whose faith has grown exponentially over the past couple of years. “I have a more mature relationship with God,” Meyers states. “I’m 20 years old, that’s four years difference between my first record and this record. There’s a lot that goes on within those years---being a teenager and coming into adulthood and then being on my own for two years.  There’s a lot of maturity that has happened and a lot of heart changes that have happened.”

Achieving that spiritual maturity was a rather uncomfortable road and Meyers admits she went through some difficult times. “I was so tired of getting up on stage and acting like I was a ‘together girl’ who was touring the world and everything was going right, when everything was wrong,” she says in describing what she calls her winter season. “It’s not that I was going through anything terrible, but I wasn’t in tune with God and it was awful because He is my best friend. He daily pursues us, but I wasn’t running back towards Him.”

Meyers began diving into Scripture and feeling her parched soul refill. She began to pour her emotions into new songs. “I don’t think I’ve ever truly said ‘Okay this is who I am! This is me! I’m going to put it all out there!’ I don’t think I ever let myself be that vulnerable.”

Once she’d shaken off the burden of trying to pretend all was perfect in her world, Meyers felt free to explore a different musical palette. Though she’s been primarily known as a rock chick, Make Some Noise has a buoyant pop flavor. “I want to be making records that reflect who I am, what I’m currently listening to and what music that I’m influenced by,” says Meyers. “When you’re writing records that are actually you, people tend to connect better with what’s being communicated.”

Musically the title track is a delicious pop confection, but lyrically it’s a bold call to stand up for what you believe. “It’s about getting out there and making a positive impact,” shares Meyers. “Many people say that my generation is a dying generation; that we’re hopeless and have nowhere to go, but I don’t agree. I think people are more involved. We care about the environment, social justice, politics, those in need - we care about things that are making a difference in our world. It’s important for us to make an impact, but the only way you can make an impact is if you are loud about it. You can’t just sit in a corner and be reserved. Live out loud! Make some noise!”

“Shine” is another upbeat song of encouragement. “That’s my favorite song on the record and it’s so fun to play live,” enthuses Meyers. “Recently, I’ve really learned that I have to be excellent in all that I do. I need to use the talents and opportunities that God has given me, to the fullest extent possible. The line from the song that says ‘nobody’s going to get in the way of my shine,’ definitely sums up what this song is about. I’m blessed to be on this exciting journey, and I’m not going to let anything get in the way of my shine.”

Though there are moments of unbridled joy on the record, Meyers also bares her soul on several emotional tracks that showcase not only the strength and maturity in her vocals but also the depth of her songwriting gift. “S.O.S.” is a poignant song that finds Meyers being totally vulnerable and crying out to God. “My Freedom” is an achingly transparent ballad. “I’ve come out of this place in my life where I’ve been dry and needing a spiritual revival, needing God to pour out and open up the flood gates on me,” she reveals. “The song talks about how beautiful and how wonderful it is to be set free. I know what the consequences are in not spending time with God and how dry and how bad it hurts to be further and further away. Christ is my freedom and that is such an encouraging and beautiful thing to experience.”

Krystal Meyers is a young woman who is not afraid to make some noise. She doesn’t hesitate to open her heart, be totally vulnerable and share her struggles. Yet she’s also quick to celebrate those moments of freedom and triumph along her journey of faith, and she’s quick to encourage others to do the same. “You can be cool! You can have fun, but you can also make a positive impact,” she says.  “You’re not just walking around this earth with nothing to offer. I promise you, you have something to give to the world. Everyone does. So go on and make some noise!”