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Michael O'Brien
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Michael O'Brien is a man of many paradoxes. At 6'5" he usually stands head and shoulders above the crowd, but he couldn't be more down to earth. And although he's an incredibly gifted singer/ songwriter/ musician, his disarming charm and engaging humility prove him to be anything but a "star". Get even closer and you see that Michael's heart is his most affecting attribute - evident in his music and in his relationships with his family, his friends and his maker.

Those who are fortunate enough to catch Michael in concert have the opportunity to participate firsthand in his unique ability to create what can only be described as serious fun. His concerts range in emotion from an upbeat message of praise, to sharing of his heart about his own failures in the past...

Of his live performances, Michael says, "I love to have fun because it really tears down some walls. I see it happen all the time. But I do that for a reason -- I have a responsibility to share the gospel. If you're lost, hopefully you'll see Jesus in me, and be inspired to make a decision by the time the concert is over. And if not, I hope I've got you thinking about what God has done for me, and what He can do for you. That's my message -- That's what's in my heart."

In spite of his genuine warm-heartedness and extraordinary talent, Michael O'Brien is an ordinary man. He's an artist who bears a refreshing mix of passion and compassion in his approach to music,
and in his relationships with others. He's a man you can believe when he says, "I'm not perfect. Jesus is the example. But every day, I want to be more and more a man of conviction."

"I can do all things through Christ who Strengthens me." 
Philippians 4:13