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Parachute Band
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In 1996, The Parachute Band was born: a collective of musicians gathered for the purpose of leading worship for New Zealand’s Parachute Music Festival.  As the festival experienced exponential popularity over the years, the Parachute Band found themselves facing significant success of their own. Over the next decade, the group garnered a reputation as a leading international worship voice, and released seven albums, six of which were certified gold in New Zealand. In 2005, the Parachute Band signed with U.S.-based label Integrity Music, broadening their worldwide distribution. That same year, they released their All The Earth and also won the Gospel Music Association’s “International Award.”

Ten years later after the birth of the band, the mantle has now been passed from one generation to the next….

A new line-up with a fresh sound now carries the mandate for the Parachute Band, the same heart enveloped in a new voice for this generation. Enter Omega Levine (worship leader), Sam de Jong, Rhys Machell, Alister Wood and Simon Moore all exhibiting the hearts of their predecessors and the assurance of a band that isn’t afraid to push the boundaries of modern music.

Exploring the aggressive pursuit of a new breed of worship, this band is not afraid to step up to the plate and make some noise, testing the limits of their guitar-driven song writing. In this, however, they are determined to stay true to the real heart and lifeblood of their mission; “We’re just five guys, passionate and on this journey to know God better, and to point everything that we have to Him,” enthuses worship leader Levine.

The authenticity of their journey is important to the band. In this calling, their theme is simple: “Barricade the road that goes to nowhere…I choose the true road to somewhere…I’ll run the course you lay out for me if you’ll just show me how.” Hinged on Psalm 119 (The Message version), their statement is telling of their appeal - - an age-old truth, communicated in fresh words.

It is this theme that has surrounded the recording of their debut album Roadmaps and Revelations, set for world-wide release in September. On the back of extensive US tours and mainstage slots at Creation Fest and Kingdom Bound, the album builds on the foundation laid by the previous line-up. Released by Integrity, Roadmaps exhibits a band fully able and relevant, with a heart to reach their generation, and the prowess to compete with the international market. The album is the perfect synergy of genuine worship and power-packed energy. From the first bars of electric opener “The Way,” it is clear that the future of the Parachute Band is in capable hands. Omega Levine, whose voice carries a conviction and grit beyond his years, soars on a platform of aggressive guitars and a sound that swings from Brit-Rock to resonant choruses that would be at home in a stadium of thousands.

2007 will prove to be a pivotal year for the Parachute Band. From the triumph of the former to the realization of the future, the songs are written, and the path is set. With the release of Roadmaps and Revelations, the new Parachute Band is travelling the “road to somewhere’” – a journey that will take another generation into the presence of their Maker.