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High-energy, pop/rock band Revive relocated to the U.S. just over a year ago from Australia to pursue a clear calling to share the gospel on a global level through Christian music. Championed and mentored by GRAMMY-winning band Third Day, Revive now has its first opportunity to tour and record in America. In partnership with Third Day’s Consuming Fire Productions and Essential Records, Revive will launch its 12-song label debut titled Chorus of the Saints on March 10, 2009. Co-produced by Third Day’s lead singer, Mac Powell, with Revive, Chorus of the Saints combines the band’s passionate musicianship with its direct emphasis on well-crafted lyrics.  The vibrant pop/rock outfit is anchored by Dave Hanbury’s charismatic lead vocals which contain an element of drama and spiritual passion. Having toured extensively in Australia with 3 acclaimed albums already to its name, Revive is fast connecting with fans on tour with Third Day. After playing more than 45 dates with the headliner in 2008, Revive will play 35 cities in spring 2009 as part of Third Day’s Revelation Tour, yielding more opportunities for American audiences to fall in love with Australia’s latest musical export. For more on Revive and to view the band’s video blogs from the road, please visit ReviveBand.com.